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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: UTF-8 woes
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 22:37:08 GMT
Tino Schwarze a écrit :

>On Fri, Dec 29, 2006 at 08:37:07PM +0100, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>There is a _big_ difference, because your java file might have been 
>>saved using a ISO-8859-1 encoding. new RDN( "ä" ) just use the default 
>>encoding of your computer to store the file, and inside this file you 
>I was not talking about characters from a Java source, the data came
>directly from a database. The test case is pretty simple:
>    byte[] _bytes = new byte[] { (byte)0xc3, (byte)0xa4, (byte)0xc3, (byte)0xb6, (byte)0xc3,
(byte)0xbc };
>    String _s = new String (_bytes, "utf-8");
>    // this should print äöü
>    System.out.println (_s);
>    LdapDN _dnTest = new LdapDN();
>    _dnTest.add ("cn=Uml"+_s);
>    System.out.println (_dnTest.toString());
>-> this will get mixed up instantly by the RdnParser - it converts every
>non-ASCII byte to \xy encoding (I'm not sure who's doing the "\" to "%5C"
>conversion later).
Ok, I get it now. First, apologize to have so badly name this method ... 
toString() is such a pathetic name when it does not give you back what 
you are expecting... Just try this :

 System.out.println ( _dnTest.getUpName() );

you will have your expected result. The toString() method is supposed (well, whip me, it's
terribly bad), to return a String for debug usage. The worst thing is that this method is
_never_ used anywhere in the server, except in unit tests ;(

Ok, I promise I will fix that : switching the semantic of toString() to it's correct value.



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