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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Moving dev guide doco
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:21:36 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> yeah, and this is why I pushed the question on the ML, instead of doing 
> the reorg and waiting for acid remarks ;)
>     I wonder what Christine and Stephan have to say about this as well.
> Good point, they certianly have a vision of what should be the correct 
> structure.

Thanks for thinking I have a vision, Emmanuel ;-)

We planned to have the following in the ApacheDS 1.0 Documentation

* ApacheDS v1.0 Basic User's Guide
(This is for beginners, currently Christine + I work on it, first 
version nearly completed)
* ApacheDS v1.0 Advanced User's Guide
(Audience: advanced users)

Content from the old "ApacheDS v1.0 User's Guide" will be moved to these 
two. It is still a TODO to tidy up the homepage:

We will certainly do this before the new site, which will include the 
ApacheDS 1.0 Documentation, opens.

Things which are not related to a certain version should not be in or

This holds true for developer information like mailing lists, coding 
standards etc. From my point of view, they belong to the main site or

Other things you have mentioned:
I would move this to ApacheDS v1.0 Advanced User's Guide, and later copy 
the content to ApacheDS v1.5 Advanced User's Guide. Unfortunatly, 
currently there is not much activity in the Advanced User's Guide
I would move this to ApacheDS v1.5 Advanced User's Guide; Mitosis will 
probably not work with 1.0

Greetings, Stefan

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