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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: TRIPLESEC various little problems
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2006 21:26:43 GMT
David Jencks a écrit :

> I'm running into a few more problems and questions....
> 1. The wiki page 
> issues.html seems to indicate that some triplesec developers think  
> that jdk 1.4.2 compatibility should be maintained for a while  
> longer.  Not knowing this my patches have used lots of jdk 1.5  
> features, mostly generics.  I can't find any discussion of this  
> decision on the mailing list (doesn't mean it's not there :-).

We have switched to Java 5 in trunks. Forget about 1.4.2 compatibility...

> So, I  propose we move to jdk 1.5 and ask those wanting to run on 1.4 
> to use  retrotranslator.  BTW I didn't look far but it looks to me as 
> if  apache harmony has a UUID implementation.

Already switched :)

> 2. After lots of successful builds I discovered -Pintegration and  
> started running into failures.  I find the integration tests don't  
> take very long so  I'd recommend reversing the default and having to  
> use -Pquick or -Pno-integration for a faster build.  I've had 2 sets  
> of problems:

You mean, -Dintegration ?

> a.  The store tests failed AFAICT from mismatched shared-ldap  
> libraries.  The ldif files were not getting read in at all. 

I would be interested to know which shared-ldap you are using. The 
LdifReader has been totally rewritten for 1.0

> Eventually I gave up trying to understand which jars were being used  
> and debug through those jars and switched to apacheds 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT  
> and shared 0.9.6-SNAPSHOT at which point these tests started passing.

Ahhh. Make sense. The pom.xml must be cleaned in triplesec, it seems...

> b. The guardian-ldap LdapApplicationPolicyIntegrationTest tests have  
> failures.  Normally I get 3/7 failures.  However if I add a sleep here:
>     protected void setUp() throws Exception
>     {
>         super.setUp();
>         Thread.sleep(500);
>         Properties props = new Properties();
> I sometimes get more failures:  Tests run: 7, Failures: 1, Errors: 6,  
> Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 8.809 sec <<< FAILURE!
> I've been unable  to figure out what is supposed to be happening and  
> what is happening.

Starting here, I have no answer to your questions ... Alex ?

> Many thanks
> david jencks

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