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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: New Virtual Directory that uses MINA and ApacheDS...
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 23:27:07 GMT
Marc Boorshtein wrote:
>> Well if you've built a VD on MINA and ApacheDS why not just bring it
>> here as a project?
>> Alex
> Thanks for the offer Alex, but the only part of ApacheDS MyVD is using
> is it's LDAP protocol stack, 

Hmm that's a big part of it (about 50%).

and I eventually would like to eliminate
> that and use just MINA 

Why would you do that?  What's the benefit?

(nothing against the ApacheDS LDAP
> implementation, I just want to remove the marshaling layer).
> Given that it does currently use part of ApacheDS, I'm sure it would
> be pretty easy to integrate  MyVD as a partition on ApacheDS.  I'm
> sure at some point I will try to integrate ApacheDS into MyVD for a
> local storage option.


> I also see the two projects as having different goals.  I've found
> that virtual directories work best when deployed in a narrow scope, so
> I'd like to keep MyVD as JUST an LDAP virtual directory and focus on
> that.  When it comes to other protocols and being a general directory
> MyVD could always be used as a back-end.

I was talking about creating a new VD project here at Apache and not
making this part of ApacheDS.  The VD project would be a peer of
ApacheDS under the Directory umbrella.


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