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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Extension attributes in metaschema
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 04:03:53 GMT

I was looking at the apachemeta.schema file and saw a bunch of 
extensions attributes almost for each entity like:


(1) Do we need all of these or can we just use m-extensions for 
describing all extensions?

(2) Secondly as I understand it extensions can have multiple values but 
each extension has it's own key.  So this raises the question of how to 
represent this in the DIT within a single entry.  I don't think using a 
single attribute is a good means to represent all extensions in this 
case. Any ideas here?

Since extensions are server specific we can create an attribute for each 
extension we support in ADS.  To automatically recognize these special 
attributes we can x- prefix the attribute instead of using m-.  So for 
example we can have the attributes:


If our extension does not support values we can have just the attribute 
with an empty (null) value.  If the extension supports one value we can 
make it single valued.  If it supports many values we can then make it 
multivalued and have more than one value for that extension.

(3) Now there is another big issue.  From my understanding extension 
value order may be significant.  If this is then the above 
recommendation in #2 will not work because this will not preserve order.

We first have to determine if order is preserved.  If so then we must 
encode extension values as a list of values into custom extension 
attributes with the x- prefix.  The question is how do we do this?


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