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From Tino Schwarze <>
Subject Re: UTF-8 woes
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2006 12:19:24 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 01:12:48AM +0100, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> >Ok, I get it now. First, apologize to have so badly name this method 
> >... toString() is such a pathetic name when it does not give you back 
> >what you are expecting... Just try this :
> >
> >System.out.println ( _dnTest.getUpName() );
> >
> >you will have your expected result. The toString() method is supposed 
> >(well, whip me, it's terribly bad), to return a String for debug 
> >usage. The worst thing is that this method is _never_ used anywhere in 
> >the server, except in unit tests ;(
> I can' believe as was _so wrong_ !!! This method is just used aroung 900 
> times in the server. Modifying it would break it completly, and would 
> take days to fix it back...

Thank your for your evaluation. BTW: Are you sure that
LdapDN.toString() is called (I've got no dev setup here at home, can't
check) - e.g. Eclipse shows all calls to Object.toString() if you're
displaying the Callers of LdapDN.toString().

> In the meantime, ust use getUpName().

I'll try that and see what I get (next year).

> Again, sorry. As a defense, I will argue that LdapDN is _not_ intended 
> to be used from the outside of the server (yes, I know, this is a 
> pathetic excuse :-/ )

I'm not outside the server, I'm inside. ;-)




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