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On 11/2/06, Ole Ersoy <ole_ersoy@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Ersin,

Personally I need to be able to go between an LDAP
format, XML Schema format, and a relational format.
This will be possible really soon, at least from ldap to XML. Pam is writting a DSML codec, so you will be able to extract data from LDAP and put them in XML format (using DSML V2). You will also be able to send data to a ldap server using DSML.

I'm planning on going with need a 4th representation
those  3, which will be Eclipse EMF Ecore (A subset of
OMG's meta object facility).

That way ecore is the common denominator.

At this point, I really think that DSML might be the perfect pivot description, because LDIF is only representing data while DSML can express operations. For instance, if you want to write a LDAP proxy, you can do that with DSML requests and response (and the LdapStudio ldap browser is working this way, so, yes, this is possible :). I don't think we need a 4th description meta-stuff :) KISS, bros !

So the initial thinking is that ldap attributes will
be mapped to attributes on an Ecore based model object
(Just a pojo really supported by the Eclipse EMF API).

The same Ecore model is used to generate the Hibernate
mapping (Preferably using annotations).

Then it's done.  Hibernate takes care of the rest.

Well, this is a vision which is not  taking into account the performance issues you will have if you do that. I may be wrong - and I hope to be, because this seems to be _so_ simple that I really want it to work -, but as an old programmer, I don't believe in god or in 'snap your finger and the tool will do the rest' thingy ... Yeah, I'm an agnostic old fart ;) Make me believe in it : I want a working sample !

I still need to put this in complete context, adding
in Alex's thoughts on virtual directories, etc.

That's a little off though...after the rpm mojo gets

Yeah, that's seems pragmatic :) Thanks for the work done on RPM, man !

- Ole