Hi Danny,

sorry, you sent your mail on november 1st, which was a day off in many countries ... And your last mail went directly through the Moderator !

Yes, naming has been sandboxed, since nobody has added a line for more than one year (AFAIR). Do you want to ressucissate it ? If so, yes, we will piut it back to trunks, but we need commited committers :)

So, basically, you are welcome !


On 11/2/06, Danny Angus <danny.angus@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello again,

No one replied to my earlier post, but I found naming (eventually, in
the sandbox).
It seems to pass the first test for use in James, I can create, bind
and look-up stuff.

What is the status of the project though? Looks like it was put there
from lack of interest, how about I express interest, what would happen
then, is it likely to be released? I'm not averse to putting in some
spade work if necessary.

I assume that the plan for tomcat to use naming from this project
hasn't happened, does that mean James should just fork this (or tc's
naming) or is there still a will to have naming here, do you know what
the tomcat folks think?


Emmanuel Lécharny