Thanks ..It was a great article, some general questions though-
1. The article was written a while back, are there any additions/updations to it somewhere on the Internet or does it still holds good.
2. Is there no Java API to do simple group search rather than a developer going into the complexities of several different possibilities of groups?
3. Actually ours is a java app which uses authentication from customers ldap server. Till now we did not have concept of groups but we need to support that now. Since our customers can have any kind of pre-existing LDAP schema(and thus any kind of groups), I need to be able to support all kind of possibilities in groups. So I was trying to find some Java API which hides the complexity of so many different possibles, how can I achieve that?

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> Hello
> I'm new to LDAP, need to access group info for a given user from a
> professional J2EE application.
> Had few questions reg that
> - What are the standard ways to implement groups in LDAP (Apache DS or other
> DS)?
> - How can we find which groups a user belongs to, any standard APIs or
> algorithms?- Any good links for such info.

I think you can master the subject with the following:

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