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Subject Re: Windows LDAP Clients Hanging - DS 1.0
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 15:12:46 GMT

1.  The 1.5 class in the test case:

java:[43,25] cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class LdapName
location: package ldap

2.  I use JXplorer (build JXv3.1) and custom java code and do not experience problems searching
the V1.0 or V1.0.1.

3.  The reason I am using ldp.exe is that the WIndows team within my company, report that
their existing search code now hangs with V1.0 (it did not with 1.0-RC3) and I just needed
a way of using the wldap32.dll in isolation. ( To prove the problem ).

4.  I have requested our Windows team provide me with a simple program which highlights the
issue.  It is my intention to prove the problem does not exist with 1.0-RC3 and does now exists
in 1.0.  I will obviously forward you the log output from both versions of DS and supply the
Windows code for reference.

5.  I'll also build LdapStudio while I'm waiting and just confirm it works fine... I'm sure
it will  :-)


27 November 2006 14:16
To: "Apache Directory Developers List" <>
From: "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject: Re: Windows LDAP Clients Hanging - DS 1.0

On 11/27/06, <> wrote:

The client is a windows program called ldp v3 (it uses wldap32.dll).

Its here:

You are correct, it is performing a search for rootDSE.

On the subject of test cases.  I found that I could not build directory-shared becuase \shared\0.9.5\ldap\src\test
has references to a Java 1.5 class :-(

Sh!t ! Which class ? 

To clarify, the server is *not* hanging... the client is hanging, waiting for a response to
the search.

Hmmm... I think that may be the client receive a response that doesn't make the client happy.
Requesting for rootDSE is something we know works. Could you try LdapStudio ? It's a project
which contains a Ldapbrowser (not finished yet, but starting to work) : 

svn co

You will need to install ant 1.6.5 plus install the ivy-1.4.1.jar library in ANT_HOME/lib
to be able to build it.

To build LdapStudio : just type 'ant' (yeah :)

The result will be in target/Ldap Studio/Ldap Studio

You will be able to request rootDSE with this tool without any pb. 

If I can help anymore, please ask.

I'm pretty sure that the client (ldp V3) is by no mean the best ever... Except if you really
have to send requests in batch mode. Just try the very same request with LdapBrowser and JExplorer,
and tell me if it's better. 

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