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From "Julius Davies" <>
Subject RE: apacheds with ssl
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:44:54 GMT
Hi, Martin,

I've never actually used ApacheDS, or started it up.  I've just been working on some generic
SSL code for any server or client to use (, and I happened
to borrow some ASN.1 parsing code from apacheds.  I searched far and wide for ASN.1 parsing
code licensed under ASF 2.0, and eventually I found these guys!

But I suspect the following might turn on LDAPS for you inside "conf/server.xml":

Inside this section:
<bean id="configuration" class="">

Try adding these?

<property name="enableLdaps"><value>true</value></property>
<property name="ldapsPort"><value>626</value></property>
<property name="ldapsCertificatePassword"><value>changeit</value></property>
<property name="ldapsCertificateFile"><value>/path/to/file.jks</value></property>

"/path/to/file.jks" might need to be "file:///path/to/file.jks", I can't tell.

I'm cc-ing "" so they can fix any mistakes in my email here.



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Hello Julius,

I've been playing a little bit with the ApacheDS 1.0.0.
But I didn't find information about whether this version supports
conections via ssl. According to some postings in the mailing list,
I assume that you can answer this question ???


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