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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Symbol ideas for the logo?
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 23:02:07 GMT
Stefan Zoerner a écrit :

> Hi all,
> a have question from a designer I asked some weeks ago, whether she is 
> interested to participate in ourlogo contest.
> She asked for a symbol which would be suitable for the software. A 
> feather, although nice, is a little bit overused, she meant. Btw. she 
> basically has no idea, what an LDAP/directory server is.
> One of my ideas was to use a woman/girl with an apple/snake to 
> resemble the old "Eve" name of the software, but this would be for 
> insiders only and the symbol would not have any conjunction with our 
> software.
> The designer has already presented me a proposal which uses a highly 
> simplified computer chip as a symbol. Despite the fact that our 
> software has not that much to do with chips, the logo works perfectly 
> to underline our embeddable aspect.
> Does anybody have a good idea which symbol would best work for our 
> software, or which aspect (like embeddable) would be interesting to 
> cite with the logo?

Well, when I asked for a logo for my presentation in Dublin (ApacheCon 
EU), a friend of mine asked a friend of him (foaf ...) who created a 
really cool logo - attached -.

I like the idea of a tree, and you may connect it to the Tree of 
Knowledge - yo know, the apple,, tyhe snake, the Original sin, whatever 
...- if you need to add some reference to Eve. But when he designed the 
tree, it was just because I presented Ldap as a way to structure data as 
a tree of entrees - ooops entries - :)

My 2cts

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