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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Fetching Artifacts From the Repository
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 14:27:41 GMT
Ole Ersoy wrote:
> Yes I think what I'm saying is getting diluted because
> you are used to thinking about how the current
> installer plugin works.
> OK - Pretend for a minute that there are no installer
> plugins.  We are just getting started.


> All we have are maven java projects.
> Now we want to create a maven plugin that
> that we can use to create the RPM installer.
> However other projects have to be able to use it to,
> and we want everyone using it the same way to make
> cross project collaboration easier, etc.
> So we first make a generic decision with respect to
> where the stuff the installer installs comes from.


> We think that it's smart to pull all the resources
> that the installer plugin needs from the maven
> repository, because that's where Maven puts everything
> after various quality assurance tests pass.

Hmmm even non-java artifacts like shared libs and stuff?  Meaning things 
where the extension is not .jar or .pom?  Cuz maven has serious issues 
with doing that I think.  Don't know fully though but I'd give it a try.

> So as as a rule we state that the Maven plugin we are
> creating pulls resources and artifacts from the
> Repository only.  We're going with the Maven
> Convention over configuration motto.

Coolio but you have to really experiment with maven to see if it can 
manage other artifact types besides jars and poms.

> So the plugin does not care about stuff that exists in
> maven projects sitting in a workspace or in a version
> control system.
> It only cares about stuff that maven has installed in
> a local maven repository.
> Does that make more sense?

Aye that makes sense.  So you want to stuff things into the 
src/main/resources area so they are bundled in jars and can be extracted 
from them once those jars are pulled down from ibiblio or elsewhere?


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