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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Fetching Artifacts From the Repository
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 02:05:00 GMT
Ole Ersoy wrote:
> Alex:
> Hmmm why resources? The server-installers module is
> not intended to 
> build a jar that has resources in it.
> Ole:
> The JPackage plugin wants to fetch the 
> file from the Maven repository.

What does the JPackage plugin have to do with this shell script?  Sorry 
I must have lost a step here?

> It's not there because it's not in a standard maven
> directory, so maven does not know to package and
> install it as part of the created jar artifact during
> the build.

Ok I'm confused totally now.  The server-installers maven module does 
not generate a jar that we deploy to the maven repository.

It is just there to build ApacheDS installers.  The jar that would be 
generated by server-installers is empty and is not a part of ApacheDS.

> What I'll do is create a temporary installer-resources
> project with the needed files in the resources
> directory.

I don't understand.  Which plugin are talking about now: the daemon 
plugin or some other JPackage plugin?

> Then both installers are happy, but now we have two
> copies floating around, which is less than ideal for
> maintainence purposes, so later a common source for
> both installer plugins should be created.
> So that's the plan, unless making the change to the
> current installer plugin takes two seconds, then I
> won't have to mess with the alternative resources
> project.

Are you trying to do something with another JPackage plugin someone else 
has written?


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