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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Doxia
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:40:30 GMT
Yeah - Actually - That should be really easy to fix.

We need a "quality controlled" Maven Repository that
we ourselves populate and update.

So if something gets updated on the Maven project,
we're insulated from it.

Actually we don't care if something gets updated,
unless we have a bug that we know about and that we
need fixed.  Then we pull the update and place it in
our repository. 

So we need to:

Create the Repository

Host it (Alex? Da Haus?)

I guess I could host it as well as a backup....I'm
doing a controlled repository anyways...

Reconfigure our Maven instances.

Probably create our own maven installation, so that
future contributers get a Maven install that works
specifically for ADS.

And provide an additional configuration tutorial in
case they already have Maven...

--- Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

> On 11/22/06, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
> >
> > Hey Guys,
> >
> > Maven has a project called Doxia.  There's no doco
> > yet...
> No kidding ;) This is a maven project, buddy :)
> </snip>
> <rant>
> hey, so far, we have serious maven problems, like
> some plugins have been
> updated and fucked up the build.
> I would say I'm pretty pissed off, because it's not
> the first time. I just
> consider that, so far, maven is definitively making
> me loosing a hell of
> time for *nothing*.
> And i'm not alone in this situation.
> So, I would say one thing : unless we have fixed all
> the maven iussue that
> we do have, and make it solid rock and reliable, I
> would say -1 to any more
> plugins. And I'm very close to say +1 to ant and
> ivy, if it wasn't a big
> loss of time.
> But at a point, it may worth the time...
> Just make maven work like ant does, this is what we
> need now. Is taht so
> complicated ? (not talking about continuum which is
> just a joke)
> </rant>
> -- 
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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