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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Fetching Artifacts From the Repository
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 04:28:18 GMT
Yes I think what I'm saying is getting diluted because
you are used to thinking about how the current
installer plugin works.

OK - Pretend for a minute that there are no installer
plugins.  We are just getting started.

All we have are maven java projects.

Now we want to create a maven plugin that
that we can use to create the RPM installer.

However other projects have to be able to use it to,
and we want everyone using it the same way to make
cross project collaboration easier, etc.

So we first make a generic decision with respect to
where the stuff the installer installs comes from.

We think that it's smart to pull all the resources
that the installer plugin needs from the maven
repository, because that's where Maven puts everything
after various quality assurance tests pass.

So as as a rule we state that the Maven plugin we are
creating pulls resources and artifacts from the
Repository only.  We're going with the Maven
Convention over configuration motto.

So the plugin does not care about stuff that exists in
maven projects sitting in a workspace or in a version
control system.

It only cares about stuff that maven has installed in
a local maven repository.

Does that make more sense?


--- Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

> Ole Ersoy wrote:
> > Alex:
> > Hmmm why resources? The server-installers module
> is
> > not intended to 
> > build a jar that has resources in it.
> > 
> > Ole:
> > The JPackage plugin wants to fetch the 
> > 
> >
> > 
> > file from the Maven repository.
> What does the JPackage plugin have to do with this
> shell script?  Sorry 
> I must have lost a step here?
> > It's not there because it's not in a standard
> maven
> > directory, so maven does not know to package and
> > install it as part of the created jar artifact
> during
> > the build.
> Ok I'm confused totally now.  The server-installers
> maven module does 
> not generate a jar that we deploy to the maven
> repository.
> It is just there to build ApacheDS installers.  The
> jar that would be 
> generated by server-installers is empty and is not a
> part of ApacheDS.
> > What I'll do is create a temporary
> installer-resources
> > project with the needed files in the resources
> > directory.
> I don't understand.  Which plugin are talking about
> now: the daemon 
> plugin or some other JPackage plugin?
> > Then both installers are happy, but now we have
> two
> > copies floating around, which is less than ideal
> for
> > maintainence purposes, so later a common source
> for
> > both installer plugins should be created.
> > 
> > So that's the plan, unless making the change to
> the
> > current installer plugin takes two seconds, then I
> > won't have to mess with the alternative resources
> > project.
> Are you trying to do something with another JPackage
> plugin someone else 
> has written?
> Alex

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