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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Doxia
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:07:15 GMT
Hey Guys,

Maven has a project called Doxia.  There's no doco
yet...but it looks like it's good at translating
between various formats.  I'll play with it a little
to find out more.

Here's an description from Eric Redmond:

You're correct, it is a generic documentation
framework, allowing one 
write documents in one markup (xdoc, APT, etc) and
generate something 
(HTML, PDF). It does this through the "sink"
mechanism... any markup 
output to the sink API (defined as modules), and thus
may render to any
supported type (via renderers).

Unfortunately no, it is not documented. But it is
built into the Maven 
generation, which you can use via the normal
constructs - APT, XDoc.

So it sounds like this could give us the flexibility
we need to easily generate other content formats using
our current documentation efforts...

My end goal is to have a Cookbook document on how we
could achieve this within the scope of our current
documentation efforts.  I'll get it done asap.

A short version would be something like:

Create pure documentation maven projects.

Each one focusing on a specific subset of the
documentation effort (So that each project is easy to
check out and the guidelines for writing the docs can
be absorbed quickly).

Put all documentation in standard templates.

Check the documentation projects into subversion.

Have a Maven plugin that pulls in all the
projects and generates various documents like a PDF
book, Cookbook, An online HTML book, etc.  As well as
various views of the same content...for instance
cookbook topic index, etc.

I think this should be easy to do with Doxia...Gotta
get under the hood a little though.

- Ole

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