Sorry to make you hunappy, guys, but don't spend time trying to build the project right now.

It will fail when rying to do the (8) step ...

Thanks to maven ...


On 10/2/06, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
Bastiaan Bakker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build apacheds 1.0 from subversion, but it fails due to a
> missing shared-ldap jar.
> Can someone publish this jar to one of the maven repos? And create a
> release tag in subversion?


Right now I am poised to release 1.0.  However before releasing I have
the 1.0-trunks in a state of disarray where the build will not work that
easily.  Once deployed your problems will go away.

However if you would like to build ApacheDS 1.0 you'll have to take the
following steps which will no longer be the case in the next day or so:

1) svn checkout
2) cd into 1.0-trunks/daemon
3) mvn install
4) cd ../mina
5) mvn install
6) cd ../shared
7) mvn install
8) cd ../apacheds/sar-plugin
9) mvn install
10) cd ..
11) mvn install

That should build everything.  Again in a day this will change and you
can just build straight from the apacheds/1.0.0 release area without all
these steps.


Emmanuel Lécharny