I understand that "LDAP directories use the concept of object classes to define which attributes are allowed for objects of any given type" consequently , I would like to know if the following behavior is normal:

in ApacheDS I am able to make use of any attribute without having added the object classes which provide these attributes.


say I have  an entry uid=kevin, ou=users,ou=sample
kevin has the following attributes  cn=kevin spacey, dc=ke, objectclass=top

Is it normal for apacheDS to allow me add cn and dc attributes even though I havent added the object classes Person and domain ?


ou=sample is a partition I made


On 10/5/06, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net > wrote:
Nikola Goran Čutura wrote:
> (I hit the wrong button last time, sorry)
> Hi,
> I tested Windows installer for the two issues important for me:
> 1. Certificate search
>     It works as in 1.0RC4 uisng "userCertificate = cert.getEncoded()"
> 2. Load LDIF file on startup
>     It does not work for me. I get strange errors.

I'll look into what's going on here.  I have had some odd issues as
well.  I'll have more to add to this later today.