Thanks Stefan,
I will give you a feedback once I get things run on my system.

On 10/1/06, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Mbah, please take the JUnit test I have just filed at JIRA

as a blueprint for further bug reports. It helps us a lot if the
problematic operations are wrapped like this.

I hope the error the test case produces (method testAddAliasInContainer
to be more concrete) is the same you face in your environment. How about
downloading it and trying it out?

Greetings from Hamburg,

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Mbah,
> Thanks to Stefan we'll fix this issue fast.  However you should be the
> one writing this unit test case instead of him.  Next time please look
> into doing this yourself if you want a faster response.
> Alex
> Mbah Tenjoh-Okwen wrote:
>> Thanks. I will be on the alert to see what you come up with.