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I tested Windows installer for the two issues important for me:

1. Certificate search
    It works as in 1.0RC4 uisng "userCertificate = cert.getEncoded()"

2. Load LDIF file on startup
    It does not work for me. I get strange errors.


On 10/4/06, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net> wrote:
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi all,
> Before releasing ApacheDS I've prepared some 1.0 installer images for
> testing.  Please kick the tires for a day or two and give us some
> feedback just in case we missed something.  If there are no problems
> these installers will be released.
> You can find the installer images here:
>    http://people.apache.org/~akarasulu/apacheds/

How does everything look?  Are we ready to release?