I appologize, I did not express myself clearly.

I want ADS to import this LDIF on (first) startup as specified in server.xml configuration file.

    <property name="ldifDirectory">
      <value> AMQauth.ldif</value>
    <property name="ldifFilters">
        <bean class="org.apache.directory.server.protocol.shared.store.Krb5KdcEntryFilter "/>

This import fails and there is nothing in log file about it. Only when the 'version' line is missing, log has an entry saying that the file is empty.

Another question: should this import be performed only the first time on a fresh (not yet created and partitioned) directory? What happens when I try to import LDIF file at startup having already entries in directory? If there is a collision, will import fail after first error or continue to process all entries? Is it configurable?


On 10/4/06, Emmanuel Lecharny < elecharny@gmail.com > wrote:
Nikola Goran Čutura a écrit :

> Hi,
> Attached is LDIF file generated from JXplorer. I want to import this
> file on
> DS startup. However, it fails. I also try removing the first entry (com,
> example) as it initialy exists but import fails all the same. I also
> tried
> adding 'changetye: add' but nothing helped.
> Can you, please, help me?
> Regards,

I successfully imported your ldif file using LdapBrowser, except the
first entry. When I re-run the import after having removed all the
entries, it works ok.

Quite strange.

Which version of ADS are you using ?