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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Minutes of our BOF in Austin
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 16:22:26 GMT
Hi guys,

we haved ha d a BOF (Bird of a feather) yesturday in Austin, TX during
Apache Conference. Some Sun guys from OpenDS project were with us, and we
have had a very interesting discussion. Here are the minutes we took (sorry
for the typoes, I just did my best to get the important points, not trying
to be correct - remember that I'm not english native :)


(FYI :
AK = Alex Karasulu
NB = Noël Bergman
NW = Neil Wilson
EE = Ersin ER
Sun = someone from Sun, as I don't remember all the names except Neil
Wilson, sorry ...)

bof minutes:

Open DS team is here !

Alan cabrera ask for a little presentation.

AK : We have had a certification from Open Group + 1.0. Mitosis is intering
the Apache project. Another donation is Triplesec which is entering ADS in
the next few months, as a subproject.

Sun : Multi-master will be integrated into ADS ?

We may reused some replication stuff done by Geronimo.

AK : Wh did you did ODS :
Sun : three reasons :
 - customer oriented
 - they don't want to be seen as overtaking a project
 (don't remember the 3rd one ...)

AK: we can have more than one server in ASF
NB : "Customer orientation" is not necessary something which is mandatory.
Ou customer are really needing the very same thing : A working ldap server.

Also there is no rules that forbid Sun from becoming committers

NW : has intentionally staid away for OSS. The opening of OpenDS was done in
july 2006

NB : Are they some opportunity to work together right now ? Because Sun can
save money and dev effort by working with ADS.

There is no reason to not comboning efforts. This will be good for two of

NB : Can we discuss that ? Is theis the right place to discuss that ?

Sun : there is no problem discuss that, but we can't make a discision right
now. Sun has an history on successfully Ldap server and do not want to spoil
the image they have. Performance and scalability is one main concern that
are to be addressed by te new server.

EE : can we work on both project?
Sun : the answer is yes.

AK : how many dev on Open DS team ?
Sun : 7 full time on ODS and 11 in a few weeks.
Sun : how many projects commiters ?
AK : Probably 20, but all volunteers...

Sun : Who are we aiming ?
AK : Geronimo, ActiveMQ, James...

Sun: What about SP?
EE : We have an extended operation + a java code. Trigger can be associated
with subentries and execute some code on it.

AK : we are many plugable elements : interceptors, backend, protocol
handlers, etc

CDDL is not source compatible.

JNDI is the base of the server, but it may change.
Sun : We will propose a new API for Ldap operation, like Netscape, which may
be open sourced.

AK : What is the Sun roadmap?
Sun : nothing right now, but working on it.

NB : How ADS compares to SunDS ?
Sun : ADS Documentation sucks ... Some features are not present in ADS.
Controls mainly, and extended operations.

Jim Yang : How ADS and ODs will collaborate in the future : can we take the
Sun : no, because then the whole code should be CDDL.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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