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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: MINA Trunks & ADS
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 06:30:28 GMT

That was me who updated all package interdependencies in trunks so
that all projects depend on snapshot versions of each other. The
reason for doing that is making sure that the trunks is self-contained
so that it can be built without downloading any Directory packages
from remote repositories.

But of course this will change with MINA being a TLP. However, to be
able to depend on released versions of MINA in Directory trunks, MINA
should release more frequently. Because MINA 1.0 is _too old_ for
trunks now. And it's not possible to depend on any version of 1.1
branch (of MINA) because they are all 1.1-SNAPSHOT.. (I do not say
that there are problems with MINA versioning. I just say that it does
not fit perfectly.)

So what we can do is depend on MINA 1.0 in trunks and modify all the
code adapted to 1.1 or depend on beta/alpha releases of MINA 1.1. In
the first case ADS will depend on a relatively old version of the cool
MINA API. In the second case ADS we will always have a building trunks
and upgrade to new beta/alpha versions of MINA making sure that all
the trunks still compiles still.

Has it been a bit complicated? Sorry :)


On 10/27/06, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> we have to figure out a way to work with MINA as it will become soon a TLP.
> Currently, ADS 1.0 use MINA 1.0, and it's working great, but we have had
> to wait for a 1.0 version of MINA to be able to release ADS 1.0.
> For ADS trunks, wa are facing some problems : as the MINA API has
> changed, ADS is broken in trunks. A decision should be taken regarding
> this kind of problem, because we won't be able to cope with those kind
> of modifications when MINA will be a TLP.
> I think that we should depend on a released version of MINA, not on MINA
> trunk, and manage the version through dependencies (thanks to maven,
> this is possible ;)
> wdyt ?
> Emmanuel


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