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From Fernando Nasser <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-discuss] Jpackage Maven RPM Mojo
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 22:47:48 GMT
Julius Davies wrote:
> Where I work, we want to start using Maven for our own development.  But
> we also want all the jar dependencies we declare in our apps to come
> from our RHEL subscription.  So figuring out a way to achieve that would
> be really useful!

I have good news for you: that is already available with our new JPP 1.7 
maven2 package.

At JPackage (as well as for RHEL systems) we have already been using the 
  /usr/share/java as a local maven repository and all software that we 
build that is maven based were built using the JARs from there.

> +1
> We package our own apps into RPM for ease of internal deployment, so I
> guess we would need to run this pom2spec thing on our own applications.

That is if you want to build an RPM with your software.

Which is not a bad idea: an RPM is a very handy way to distribute Linux 
software.  When one of us around here at work wants the others to try 
something, we put together a basic RPM so people can 
install/upgrade/uninstall it easily, which has proved to be a big 
incentive for people to try things.

> But we also need all the "official" RHEL jars in a maven repository for
> all of our developers (who might be on windows) to use directly from the
> pom.xml files, with no mention of RPM.

Already done.

I will be uploading the latest maven2 RPMs from Deepak into JPP 1.7 over 
the weekend.  Give it a try on Monday.  I believe there is some 
documentation under 'doc'.  If you need help to use it or has any 
questions, please ask here (in this list).

> So I think we need pom2spec on one side, but we also need "library of
> all redhat jar file rpms" to "maven dependency repository " on the other
> side.

Done :-)

Best regards,

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