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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [RESULT][VOTE] Import Triplesec Project into Apache Directory TLP
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 02:15:51 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi all,
> For some time now a few of the directory developers and I have been 
> working on an open source project at Safehaus[0] called Triplesec[1].
> Triplesec is a 2-factor authentication and identity management solution 
> built on top of ApacheDS.  It uses LDAP and Kerberos to orchestrate SSO 
> authentication and authorization for applications and operating systems. 
>  Besides this, it enables strong authentication using a mobile token 
> running on your cell phone or PDA called Hauskeys[2].  Triplesec's 
> license is ASL 2.0 and the committers all decided that Apache Directory 
> was the best place for it.
> The Triplesec team members are listed below and each one of them is 
> already an Apache Directory committer.
> Alex Karasulu
> Enrique Rodriguez
> Ersin Er
> Emmanuel Lecharny
> Timothy Bennett
> Trustin Lee
> Because the team is composed of existing Apache committers with CLA's on 
> file,  we would like to vote to import this project into the Directory 
> TLP.  See the Triplesec subversion repository[3] for more details.
> Upon conclusion of this vote the proper software grant will be sent to 
> the ASF secretary (if an import is the result) as agreed upon by the 
> binding votes.
> [ ] +1 Import Triplesec (as a separate subproject) into Directory
> [ ] +/-0 Abstain
> [ ] -1 Do not import Triplesec into Directory

This vote is closed.  Here are the results:

Binding Votes
Alex Karasulu
Ersin Er
Emmanuel Lecharny
Trustin Lee
Enrique Rodriguez
Stefan Zoerner

Non-Binding Votes
Timothy Bennett
Ole Ersoy
Mike Heath
Jim Jagielski

I will prepare and fax the software grant in as well as commit a scanned 
copy to svn for our PMC area.  Once this is on file I'll begin importing 
the Triplesec code base.


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