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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Fwd: Re: [JPackage-discuss] [JPackage-announce] [RPM (1.7)] maven2-2.0.4-9jpp
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 20:11:09 GMT
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to make sure you see this.

JPackage provides a Maven distribution.

They are doing stuff to update the default
configuration, etc. which is part of what we discussed
for our "Repository Trust" goals.

In general I think a custom maven RPM package would be
ideal for us.

We create the baseline configuration the way we want
it so that predictability is ensured.

We could even RPM repositories, such that the
repository RPM would provide the baseline for a build
at a certain point in time, providing a guaranteed
starting point.

It looks like Deepak is the one working on this for

One of the things the Maven plugin should support is
the generation of multiple baseline configurations of
a certain package.

That will help us add additional settings, post
Deepaks sensible defaults.  Thus our build
configuration would evolve along with ADS's needs,
while minimizing management overhead.

- Ole 

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