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From Julius Davies <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-discuss] Jpackage Maven RPM Mojo
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 16:27:06 GMT
Hi, Fernando,

I'm excited to try this out.

We have RHN Satellite, and we upload our internal RPMS to that.  The RHN
Satellite then pushes our software to our various server farms.  I think
we have somewhere around 100-200 RHEL servers grabbing software updates
from that RHN Satellite.

So we've found RPM to be a great way to deploy our software (always
webapps) to hundreds of machines.  But we've had little control over the
jars that developers throw into "WEB-INF/lib".  It would be great to
have as many of those jars as possible coming from the RHEL/JPackage

By the way, just a note to everyone at JPackage:  you guys really saved
us with your JVM and Tomcat RPMS about 3 years ago!  They were such a
seamless fit with our infrastructure.  Very high quality stuff, in my



On Fri, 2006-27-10 at 18:47 -0400, Fernando Nasser wrote:
> Julius Davies wrote:
> > Where I work, we want to start using Maven for our own development.  But
> > we also want all the jar dependencies we declare in our apps to come
> > from our RHEL subscription.  So figuring out a way to achieve that would
> > be really useful!
> > 
> I have good news for you: that is already available with our new JPP 1.7 
> maven2 package.
> At JPackage (as well as for RHEL systems) we have already been using the 
>   /usr/share/java as a local maven repository and all software that we 
> build that is maven based were built using the JARs from there.
> > +1
> > 
> > We package our own apps into RPM for ease of internal deployment, so I
> > guess we would need to run this pom2spec thing on our own applications.
> > 
> That is if you want to build an RPM with your software.
> Which is not a bad idea: an RPM is a very handy way to distribute Linux 
> software.  When one of us around here at work wants the others to try 
> something, we put together a basic RPM so people can 
> install/upgrade/uninstall it easily, which has proved to be a big 
> incentive for people to try things.
> > But we also need all the "official" RHEL jars in a maven repository for
> > all of our developers (who might be on windows) to use directly from the
> > pom.xml files, with no mention of RPM.
> > 
> Already done.
> I will be uploading the latest maven2 RPMs from Deepak into JPP 1.7 over 
> the weekend.  Give it a try on Monday.  I believe there is some 
> documentation under 'doc'.  If you need help to use it or has any 
> questions, please ask here (in this list).
> > So I think we need pom2spec on one side, but we also need "library of
> > all redhat jar file rpms" to "maven dependency repository " on the other
> > side.
> > 
> Done :-)
> Best regards,
> Fernando
Julius Davies
Senior Application Developer, Technology Services
Credit Union Central of British Columbia
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