I'm testing the last version. Adding 10K users seems to be *very* slow compared with the last version.

And searches are slower two, by a factor 2. I can get around 256 req/s only, when I was able to reach 540 req/s (Sun jvm).

I have modified the cache size a little bit, and will try to find the bests values...

I need more tests !


On 9/4/06, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net> wrote:
Hi guys,

While waiting on the MINA vote I thought I'd build some pre-release
installers and see if we can test them.  Note that these installers do
not have the documentation packaged nor the source but the final 1.0-RC4
release installers will have them.

Here they are:


If we can get a checklist of things tested manually buy us it would be
great.  Here's a start at that check list.

LDAP functionality
Kerberos functionality
Changepw functionality
ApacheDS Tools tests
... expand more please ...


Emmanuel Lécharny