On 9/4/06, Ersin Er <ersin.er@gmail.com> wrote:

Currenly, trunks does not build due to some interface changes in MINA.
1.1 services use MINA 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT, so they are all affected.
However 1.0 services use MINA 0.9.4 and so they are not affected and
1.0-trunks builds fine.

So two things to consider:
1. We need to fix 1.1-trunk build problem. (We'll only add some empty
methods to some classes as Trustin suggested.)
.2 Shall we use MINA 0.9.5{-SNAPSHOT} for 1.0 branch?

I am sorry about this problem first of all.  Please try to blow away the mina directory in your local m2 repository.  I didn't deploy the changes, so it should build fine then.

I will fix this problem when I am in the office tomorrow morning.

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