Hi all,

I have downloaded RC4 and tested for the issue DIRSERVER-715 (certificate match).

Here is the situation:

If I specify:
NamingEnumeration results = ctx.search(StartContext, "userCertificate={0}", new Object[] { cert.getEncoded()}, constraints);

I get what I want.

But, if I specify:
NamingEnumeration results = ctx.search(StartContext, "userCertificate;binary={0}", new Object[] {cert}, constraints);

I get no results.

I can survive with this but I would like to know the proper way of specifying certificate. I think it should be the first specification i.e.

userCertificate;binary = cert
userCertificate = cert (if it is already defined as binary attribute).


On 9/4/06, Ersin Er <ersin.er@gmail.com> wrote:

I have just downloaded and installed the RPM version and the
installation and basic LDAP functionality is OK.

I will continue to do more tests tomorrow.

On 9/4/06, Alex Karasulu < aok123@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> While waiting on the MINA vote I thought I'd build some pre-release
> installers and see if we can test them.  Note that these installers do
> not have the documentation packaged nor the source but the final 1.0-RC4
> release installers will have them.
> Here they are:
> http://people.apache.org/~akarasulu/apacheds/1.0-RC4/
> If we can get a checklist of things tested manually buy us it would be
> great.  Here's a start at that check list.
> LDAP functionality
> Kerberos functionality
> Changepw functionality
> ApacheDS Tools tests
> ... expand more please ...
> Alex