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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject The new Directory wiki space and 1.0 GA documentation
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:22:35 GMT
Hi all,

We have several new wiki spaces within the Confluence instance managed
by ASF: .
The spaces related to Directory project can be seen at the following
For the number and naming of spaces we somewhat followed the
Geronimo's approach. We may not yet utilize all the spaces yet but we
have them all in case we need them. All the spaces' keys and their
descriptions can be seen at the previous link I provided.

All those spaces are autoexported as static HTML to correspoding sites
under . So the space key becomes the site
name. What's imported here is that we should always nagivate the
content using the static version and when we need to edit the content
we should just click the Edit link on any static page which will
direct us to real confluence page. And we should never link to real
confluence pages in any email, documentation etc. This is to have a
common URL scheme and more importantly to keep the Confluence instance
less loaded. will be the new documentation
related entry for the Directory project. To have a idea on what it
could lead in the future have a look at . (You may browse the Geronimo spaces
to have more idea on how we can better leverage this system.)

Only Directory project committers are allowed to modify the pages on
all Directory spaces, because as we will probably bundle the
documentation with the release, we should be sure that the content
conforms to ASF license requirements. Normal users can continue to use
the MoinMoin wiki to contribute ideas and documentation. We might also
have an other confluence space for public write access.

So, now, 1.0 GA documentation. I have moved almost all User
documentation from the old temporary location (Safehaus) to our new
. However the content needs to be corrected and extended. In the
following days, I will rewrite/update/review the following chapters:
The Administrative Model, Authorization, Collection Attributes. Any
contribution on this process is welcome! :-)

Let's make this 1.0 documentation complete ;-)


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