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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject [ADS 2.0] Detach JNDI from ApacheDS
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 03:40:31 GMT

Yes, I know this is a very radical approach, but I think this is mandatory
to accelerate our development.

JNDI is an abstraction API for all kinds of directory services.  LDAP is a
part of the list.  From my experience, JNDI is not really the best API to
access an LDAP server.  It can access the LDAP server, but not gives us the
best convenience from the viewpoint of the API user.  And we're using JNDI
Name and DirContext interface to program our internals.  That's why we need
a new API which perfectly fits into LDAP.  By doing that, we can program our
interceptors and partitions more easily mapped into LDAP operations rather
than JNDI operations.

Of course, this change will take away the advantage of embedded mode unless
we spend more time to create a bridge between JNDI and our API.  But I think
our primary concern is to provide a high quality LDAP server whose internals
are highly optimized for LDAP, not to provide a JNDI embeddable LDAP server.

Here's my suggestion:

1. Change the DirectoryPartition and Interceptor interface to fit 1:1 to
LDAP operations rather than JNDI operations.
   * Core/ServerDirContext will be removed in this process.
   * ServerStartupConfiguration should be merged into StartupConfiguration
and embedded mode should go away because we can just disable the LDAP
service later when OSGi is adopted.

2. Migrate to OSGi framework
   * All protocol services will be provided as OSGi bundles and should be
plugged into ApacheDS dynamically.  Because we don't have any embedded JNDI
provider, LDAP protocol connection to loopback device will be used

3. Support an embedded mode
   * But who will ever use DNS or other services without LDAP provider?  The
only advantage of the embedded access is the small performance gain which
might not be that important in distributed directory services.

Was this too radical? :)

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