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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Issues with Russian [Fwd: Directory Service]
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 23:37:08 GMT
Евгений a écrit :

Hi again,

>Once again, soory for my English,:-)
>I attached to this letter classes I've fixed. Unfortunatly, that fixes not aplly to new
version of apacheds. I hope it will usefull for you. All my fixes belongs beetwen "/*<PATCH>*/"
and "/*</PATCH>*/", and I think that you easely find them, using the textsearch tools.

Ok, I have looked at your patch. We won't apply it for a very simple 
reason : this code is totally outdated (I think it's a 0.8 version). The 
problem you have has been fixed months ago (I think we killed all the 
UTF-8 problems back in october or november 2005).

It would be very kind to add some context when you think you find a bug 
(version used, etc), and as I already said, use JIRA to fill a report, 
and send a patch using svn diff.

This is really important for us, because it takes a hell of time to find 
mails (I had to look at 3 different places to find your mail), and it's 
much easier to check a patch in svn diff format, because it bring all 
the necessary informations in it (no need to open a zip, and open 
randomly files looking for <PATCH> in it, especially if they are many of 

And the version used is really important. Would have you told us "I've a 
pb with 0.8", the answer would have been much quicker and accurate :)

I encourage you to use the latest version which is available here :

Let us know if your problems are fixed with it.

Thanks a lot for using ADS, btw. Give us some feedback about what you 
are working on, we are really interested in "real world" usage !


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