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On 8/23/06, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Grrrr... Missed this one. Yes, definitively, JIRA is the way to go.

Could you add one please?

Thanks !

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There is an issue with certificate search, I posted a problem with logs ("Storing and searching X.509 certificates" on this list; should I raise JIRA issue?) . Is it included in the list (I don't see it explicitly)? Could it be included in RC4?


On 8/23/06, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Guys, we have made great progress since last bug parad (last week). 17 bugs have been fixed, 3 new bugs have been found, and 12 bugs remains to be fixed. One more week of hard work, and we will be able to make it !!!

Let's review the bugs :

Fixed issues since the last bug parade :
---------------------------------------- : ACI problem when using com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory as the INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY : seems to be ok. We have asked twice for confirmation, no answer. Should be close IMHO : ldaps not working with gpg : fixed, but some doco is to be added. I suggested to create a new JIRA for this one. Should be closed IMHO : Update to use Kerberos realm catalog : This is a kerberos issue. May be we should create a new JIRA entry for Kerberos, like what exists for Naming? Should not be considered as a DIRSERVER bug. : Commons.Cli implemented in Bind : This piece of code has moved to sanbox. Do we still need to take care of it for RC4? I don't think so. : Infinite loop with special configuration files : I think we can close this issue. Even if we still have the pb, I'm not sure we will be able to fix it, as it's very unlikely to occurs. : potential bug in password comparison : This is an easy one. I will fix it : Putting some chars like "é" in common name with JXPlorer or my client code creates problems : I take this one : Incorrect results using Context lookup : We don't have any explanation, and Stefan was not able to reproduce the pb. Should be closed ? : Exception adding prescriptiveACI subentry from examples : Ersin ? : Inconsistent behavior with anonymous access : This should be investigated. Seems to be a serious issue : apacheds-tools dump command does NOT generate the correct base 64 output for binary attributes in LDIF dump : Has been patched by PAM. To be double checked. : 'accessControlSubentries' attribute should have been defined as Multi Valued : seems to be an easy one. Ersin ? : Server allows adding multiple values to a single valued attribute : a lacking control in ShemaService, may be ? : Creation of entry with special (and escaped) character in RDN leads to wrong attribute value : This one is mine, too. : Delete with illegal DN causes client to hang : is related to DIRSERVER-619. May be to DIRSERVER-586 ? : Logging level settings ignored in apachedsw.exe windows NT service frontend (apachedsw.exe) : Any Windower ? : Site: Issues-URL still points to DIREVE : The site is a mess... We need to reorgaize it, and use confluence on apache, and migrate the confluences pages from safehaus to apache.

JIRAs that may not be considered as bugs :
* : Allow administrators to change and set passwords for users : This is not a major issue, but a major improvment. Can somebody states about this JIRA ?
* : Bad filter makes filter parser hang rather than throw an exception : Well, not really a very good description of the problem, if any :) Status ?
* : Embedded ApacheDS fails on parser exception if provider URL is an actual URL : Has it been fixed ? Status ?
* : Incorrect matched DN in the bind response (and others depending on the result code) : I think it has been fixed a long time ago. It needs a double check.
* : JAR File Contents Cause JBoss Deployer To Fail : Has it been fixed?
* : Corrupt database causes server startup to fail: As Alex added a default "write on modification", flag, all the data will be written on disk as soon as they are created, modified or deleted. Is it enough ? Not sure. We may need to implement a kind of shadow pages to guarantee that the database is always correct, even if the server crash. In this case, the shadow pages are just discareded, and we will just loose them. If the pages are correctly written, then we can discard them, and consider that the database is ok. It has to be discussed further
* : ldap server is never shut down, since ldapStarted flag is never set : status ?
* : Can't compile long schema : We have aa workaround : split the file in more than one file : Compare operations are performed without Authentication : I think that Ersin has fixed this one, but I'm not sure.
* : apacheds dump command - hangs very frequently : I think that PAM has rewritten the dump utility, and the issue may not show up again. To be tested...
* : server.xml needs fixing due to changed property name : I think I saw a commit about this issue? Comment ?

JIRAs that really need to be fixed for RC4 (12 remaining):
---------------------------------------------------------- : Incorrect SearchResult name and "compare" failure using CoreContextFactory : Seems to be a serious one. Something may have been forgotten when we switched to the new LdapDN. : [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC must not overlap : Seems to be a bug we have to fix... : Decoder does no give sufficient information about errors so the LDAP server can respond with correct result code. : A very hairy one. We have had a convo with Alex about it, but it was before my acations. The idea was to create a specific exception that could be handled by the interceptors, instead of a DecoderException handled by Mina. To be fixed. : Reliable hang of DS during query : This one should be analyzed thoroughly. : DefaultDirectoryService nulls members BEFORE calling serviceListener.afterShutdown(this) : Should be easy to fix... : NamingException messages are thrown away by MessageHandlers : This one should be fixed in minutes... : Concurrency problem when doing load tests : A tough one. Can we reproduce it? : Problem creating subContext with a Name Object. : Ok, this should be easy to fix. : Adding entries with RDNs enclosed in quotes may lead to entries with illegal DNs : This is mine ... : The SubentryService does not inject correct values for subentry operational attributes : New bug : Propagate the errors to the client if we get a DecoderException (was DIRSERVER-634) : This is related to DIRSERVER-634, but is a generalization : Init shell script contains incompatible -X switch instead of -D for jmx console : Easy to fix ...

OSGI related issues :

Emmanuel Lécharny