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From "Craig L. Ching" <>
Subject RE: Adding an objectClass to ApacheDS
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 19:08:08 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

I just wanted to give a bit more details about the problems I was having with maven.  It didn't
seem too serious, and maybe it's normal, but it was just a bit worrisome due to my naivete
with maven ;-)

> Craig L. Ching a écrit :
> > That's great, thanks a lot for that!  Some comments, I see 
> you're on 
> > Windows as well, I was having some problems with Maven, it seems to 
> > need a bit of a kick in the ass, I had to reissue the mvn install 
> > command a number of times to get it all built.
> Be sure tu use maven 2.0.4. And be sure to do a mvn clean 
> before launching a mvn install. Then if you still have pbs 
> with maven, there is a kind of church where we kill chicken 
> and drink their blood, while burning some blue candles in 
> hope those problems vanish...  You are welcome ;)

Haha, ok.  I did use maven 2.0.4.  The errors I got were along the lines of "I couldn't download
that from that location" or "IO error while downloading that."  Just reissuing 'mvn install'
over and over seemed to get me a build, so I'm happy until I get to testing out the build

> > Once I got it built, the installers seemed to be missing 
> for Windows, 
> > how do I invoke the server without the binary executable (my 
> > preference while developing anyway)?
> If you want to embed ADS, I don't think you need to build the 
> installers. Here is a conference links about how to embed ADS 
> in an application : 

Great, thanks!

> > I've since changed to building this on Linux, but I'd 
> prefer to stay 
> > on Windows since my laptop runs Windows and that's where I 
> do a lot of 
> > dev work.
> Cygwin rules :) But it should build on windows. Beware that 
> you may encounter some problems if you use special encoding 
> like ISO-8859-1. If this is the case, and if you have pbs, 
> submit them to the list.
Ah, ok, I do use cygwin, but I didn't use it for this first build.  I'll give that a shot.

> Last thing, don't be afraid to get the latest version from svn :
> either from
> 0-trunks/,
> from which we will create 1.0-RC4 really soon (next week ?), or from :

Yep, just started using the svn 'trunks' version ;-)  Maybe I'll change to the other one you
mention if that's going to be the next 'stable' release.  Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated!

> Emmanuel

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