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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Bug Parade #4
Date Sun, 27 Aug 2006 15:09:44 GMT
JIRAs that may not be considered as bugs

* : Allow
administrators to change and set passwords for users : This is not a
major issue, but a major improvment.  Enrique can we move this to 1.1.

* : JAR File
Contents Cause JBoss Deployer To Fail : Has it been fixed? Brett can you 
lend a hand here. I need to deploy this plugin.

* apacheds dump
command - hangs very frequently : I think that PAM has rewritten the 
dump utility, and the issue may not show up again. To be tested... Can 
we get PAM to confirm?

JIRAs that really need to be fixed for RC4

* : Decoder does no
give sufficient information about errors so the LDAP server can respond
with correct result code. : A very hairy one. We have had a convo with
Alex about it, but it was before my acations. The idea was to create a
specific exception that could be handled by the interceptors, instead of
a DecoderException handled by Mina. To be fixed.

* : Reliable hang of
DS during query : This one should be analyzed thoroughly. Jörg as some
more information about it. Seems to be MINA related ?

* : Concurrency
problem when doing load tests : A tough one. Can we reproduce it? (I
think we should reproduce it in a way we can understand what happens :
we need a multi-cpu system, some data, a test we can run again and
again, etc...)

* : Site: Issues-URL
still points to DIREVE.  Fixed and close but site needs to be deployed. 
  New site needs to be deployed.  Ersin can you do this?

* : Propagate the
errors to the client if we get a DecoderException (was DIRSERVER-634) :
This is related to DIRSERVER-634, but is a generalization

 > Bugs postponed to 1.0.1 :
 > -------------------------
 > *
 > <> : [Access Control]
 > Autonomous areas for AC must not overlap : Really complicated one. Will
 > need some time, and we can live without it being fixed for a little while
 > To be fixed in 1.1 :
 > --------------------
 > <>
 > <>

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