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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Maven Builds
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 01:12:08 GMT

These build issues are really of our own "Choosing".

When a project is started, we can point maven to
repositories of our choice, or download all the
dependencies manually, build a maven repository
ourself, and then manage the updates of that
repository, so that we know of every change made to

The reason the maven repository is so useful is
because it communicates to anyone who wants  to build
the project what the dependencies are and where they
can get them.

So if we want control we can have it, for both plugin
repositories and source repositories, right at the
start of the project and thereafter.

If were using Ant - we'd have to tell everyone wanting
to do a build where to find the dependencies...
setup the class path, etc. etc. etc. and we could even
have the ant script download and setup a custom
repository and classpath, but then we all of a sudden
have Maven.

If Maven had the checksum validation Emmanuel
mentioned when we listed ways to lock down the build
process, that's as good as it gets as far as
validating and using dependencies and plugins goes.

If only we had a plugin that read the parent pom and
all the module poms, analyze them, and tell us where
we used the same dependency, but different version,
alerted us whenenver a plugin/dependencies checksum
changed without a version change, and created a report
detailing all of the automatically updated plugins /
dependencies - Bravo!  We would be in primo condition
because the build be intelligent, and tell us when
something unexpected were about to happen, or when
something could go awry due to the configuration of

So theres obviously some room for improvement, but
Maven is a brilliant piece of work, and those
improvements are easy to do with Maven.  We just need
some "Summer of Code" guys.  Anyone got connections?

OK OK OK - I'll shatt up now and get to work on
analyzing where to apply our currently known

- Ole

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