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From sage bee <>
Subject [mina] MINA ByteBuffer
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 07:36:05 GMT
hi to All
  i m tryin to make a server  architecture that is independent of  any specific network framework mina or any other. at run time  it decides to make the server according to mina architecture
or to  other .... so i hav made a class 'Storage' storing the data received in  the form of
ByteBuffer(java.nio.ByteBuffer).but MINA uses its own  ByteBuffer(org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer).
  is there any technique to convert  ByteBuffer(org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer) to  ByteBuffer(java.nio.ByteBuffer)
else i have to import  'org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer' in my Storage class , that makes
my  server architecture framework dependent ....
  kindly tell me any suggestion to avoid this situation .
  i dont want to store receievd data in String form due to performance issue ....
  Thanking U
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