Thanks for replies, I'm planning to upgrade to 1.0RC3 soon, but for now I've patched my local ADS 0.9 and giving it a try, hope it works... may be I'll hit a different issue, or may be not

Found a good article related to HashMap.get issue


On 7/7/06, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Ajay Upadhyaya a écrit :

> I think I'm getting to the issue here... it seems that
> java.util.HashMap.get() is getting stuck in infinite loop , and it is
> happening due to CachingNormalizer not protecting LRUMap from
> concurrent access in multiple threads

FYI, SequencedHashMap is only used in SynchronizedLRUMap, which protect
the access to the HashMap. At least in 1.0-RC3 release.

Just give 1.0-RC3 a try :)