I've been "pondering my navel" since this thread appeared, trying to decide if I should follow of the lead of the only other person I've seen "jump into the fray".  I only recently subscribed to this list, and I did so primarily because I was attracted by the "mix of ingredients".  While I haven't participated in an open source community before, I have spent most of the past 12 years or so involved in some pretty heavy-duty "security-related" development projects - and also introduced a former employer to the wonders of Kerberos more than ten years ago (to extinguish the "rsh" abomination!!)   So, since I haven't seen anybody else dive into the Kerberos pool,  I might do so if you guys are really interested in having a little company there.  At this point, I've looked at the [Kerberos] code only superficially, but there doesn't appear to be a plethora of documentation there.  Is this a perceived area of need?

Cheers ... Richard

Timothy Bennett wrote:
On 7/6/06, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net> wrote:
The number of active committers on Apache Directory Server is dwindling
and we have many areas where a single developer has been working alone.
Some email threads have tried to address the issue of the lack of enough
committers in specific areas: see threads [0] & [1].  So we are
suffering mostly in the following areas:

o OSGi effort,
o Kerberos protocol development,
o Changepw protocol development,
o DHCP protocol development, and
o DNS protocol development.

As a former committer at Apache Avalon Merlin project and a current committer at Apache Felix, I'm highly interested in the OSGi effort at Apache Directory, and I'd like to be a part of helping in that effort.  However, I know next to nothing about the internals of ADS, but I'm willing to learn.  And a good way may be to dig in and help document the code.