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From "Norbet Reilly" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS trunk: JDK1.4/unit test/normalisation issues
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 03:34:17 GMT
On 7/13/06, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Norbet,
> Sorry to catch you on the tail end of this thread.  Looks like Emmanuel
> took good care of you though.

No problem. Indeed he has!

> Norbet Reilly wrote:
> > About to sign off as the end of the first mountain stage draws to a close.
> >
> > I seem to have all of my old functionality back again, except for the
> > issue about JXplorer failing when searching for the schema.
> Can you confirm this problem with the stock/standalone ApacheDS server
> in the optimization branch.  If you still see it there I'll dive in.

I am working off the 1.1 trunk, am I correct in thinking that the
optimization branch is 1.0 based? I have a whole raft of custom
changes I've made to ApacheDS, and thought I'd wait for 1.0 to be
released before backporting them to it.

I'm checking it out anyway, and will test out whether the schema
problem occurs when it is a) vanilla and b) has my extra .schema file
encorporated into the Maven build.

Actually, I wasn't able to "svn checkout"
as it failed when it tried to get to get the last module
(releases/mina/0.9.4) saying "407 Proxy Authentication Required
(" I presume what works for the other modules
is supposed to work for MINA too?

> > I tested out LdifReader on a:
> >
> > changetype:modify
> > replace: attrid
> >
> > case and it parsed the entry like a champion (once I moved it into a
> > separate file from the .ldif doing the initial population). However,
> > before I could crack open a celebratory beer this code in
> > LdifFileLoader decided to skip the entry:
> >
> > if ( entry.isEntry() == false)
> >                {
> >                    // If the entry is a modification, just skip it
> >                    continue;
> >                }
> >
> > Is the actual submission of the the entry into a modify request on the
> > drawing board, and if so, what is the rough expected timeframe?
> Sorry Norbet I'm failing to understand what you're trying to do here or
> what you're asking.  You want to have the LdifFileLoader handle other
> changetypes?

That is what I was hoping for.

I currently have a raft of LDAP ADD sanity tests for my custom
partition support, so I bootstrap the directory by placing one or more
of these .ldifs into the test.ldif directory and starting ApacheDS up.
There are a number of other cases which I'd like to test (e.g. MODIFYs
(op=ADD/REPLACE/REMOVE) and DELETEs in the same way, which was one of
the primary drivers behind my decision to upgrade to the latest 1.1
trunk. I have been using some manual tests via JXplorer, but there are
many requests I'm interested that it can't formulate (e.g. MODIFY on
multi-valued attribute, with modification op=REPLACE). I'm going to
work on a comprehensive automated test suite shortly, but wanted easy
to execute sanity test script which I can use to drive my debugging
sessions in the interim.

Other then .ldif files, is there another mechanism to send scripted
LDAP requests to a running ApacheDS?


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