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From "Norbet Reilly" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS trunk: JDK1.4/unit test/normalisation issues
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 08:22:13 GMT
I have used the one-liner above to restore the original (upName) DNs
for the moment, and it seemed as if my partition was populated with
all the desired data from the LDIF file.

My problem is now that JXplorer has trouble connecting to the started
server, because while doing queries at start-up some LdapDN values are
ending up associated with the "namingContexts" attribute inside a, where
this class is expecting only String and binary values. The system
partition value was a string, but other partition values were LdapDNs.
I think the problem is in
DefaultDirectoryPartitionNexus.addContextPartition() where LdapDNs are
added as follows:

430   Attribute namingContexts = rootDSE.get( NAMINGCTXS_ATTR );
431   namingContexts.add( partition.getUpSuffix() );

instead of

        Attribute namingContexts = rootDSE.get( NAMINGCTXS_ATTR );
        namingContexts.add( partition.getUpSuffix().toString() );

The same issue impacts DefaultDirectoryPartitionNexus.removeContextPartition().

Making this change allowed me to connect with JXplorer, but I still
can't view the ApacheDS schema in the schema panel so I need to work
out what's happening there.

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