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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS trunk: JDK1.4/unit test/normalisation issues
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:47:41 GMT
Thanks for the trick.

But I think that plugins should be linked with a specific maven version (ie,
with mvn 2.0.4, you get plugin surefire version X, etc), unless you choose
to use newer updates. After all, this is how linux is working, so I don't
think it's bad logic :) And this <updatePolicy> parameter should be set to
never by default. Enough rant, let's go back to work ;)


On 7/13/06, Dale Peakall <> wrote:
> Norbet Reilly wrote:
> > Yeah, I'm afraid I agree totally with suspicion about the maven
> > "auto-update" concept and had a very similar rant about it on the list
> > previously.
> >
> > In my mind it's analogous to revision control with Subversion, no one
> > would ever accept a revision control system that "pushed" changes onto
> > your working directory. You wait until a moment in time where you
> > prepared to take a risk, and then you explicitly ask for an update.
> > It's completely bogus for a system to push random untrusted changes
> > onto you every time you do a build.
> >
> > At any rate, I'll wait until the maven plugin problem is resolved and
> > try querying the ADS schema via JXplorer then...
> You can mitigate the problems by setting the <updatePolicy> on the
> plugin repository to never.  This won't help people if the initial
> version they retrieve from the maven repository is bust, but will
> prevent people with working copies getting a broken version later.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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