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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: ASN.1 Implementation
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:25:22 GMT
Yeah, as Alan said, the development has a little bit staled, due to a lack
of time. We really want to have this compiler, for many reasons, but it
takes a lot of time and a mlot of energy. LMet say we have other priorities
right now - like releasing ADS 1.0 -.

FYI, the current version used internally is Twix (but the name has changed).
It's deos not support anything else but general BER decoding, and it does it
in a very dirty way. To be honest, this is crap, but fast crap :) (this was
the original intent of Twix : to be faster than snickers, and it is, let say
almost by an order of magnitude).

The impl is hand rolled.

If you need a free ASN.1 compiler, you have a pair of them : (this one is really great, but it generates C, not
java) (java. Works for BER
encoding/decoding) (never tested) (no

Hope it helps... And, as Alan said, join us !!!


On 7/9/06, Alan D. Cabrera <> wrote:
> Dale Peakall wrote:
> > Hi, could I enquire about the status of the ASN.1 implementation used
> > by Apache DS for it's LDAP implementation?
> >
> > In the web-site and associated documentation I see reference to
> > several different ASN.1 implementations: snikers, twix, snacc4j etc.
> > Which implementation is being used by ApacheDS?  Is it suitable as a
> > general purpose ASN.1 implementation?  e.g. does it support explicit
> > as well as implicit encodings (or is it the other way round - I
> > remember that X.500 only uses one - but can't remember which).
> >
> > Is the LDAP implementation a hand-rolled parser, or is it generated
> > from an ASN.1 compiler?  Is there an ASN.1 compiler that can generate
> > code that is compatible with the ASN.1 implementation?
> Hi Dale.  ATM, all the ASN.1 encoders/decoders are hand crafted.
> Emmanuel Lecharny and I have been goofing around w/ a compiler for the
> past year or two but never have had enough time to generate a critical
> mass.  We got together at ApacheCon EU the other week and have a renewed
> vigor in spite of our lack of free time; i.e. we have a lot of good
> intentions.
> It would be fantastic if you wanted to help in our effort!
> Regards,
> Alan

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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