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From "Alain Pannetier" <>
Subject Logging configuration issue with WNT service on Wintel box (1.0rc3)
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 23:23:19 GMT
Dear all,

I've just started using ApacheDS today and have little question for
you committers if you can spare a minute for me....
When I download the source from the ASF repository trunk and run under
debug with Eclipse I can set up my to my own liking
and follow things up pretty easily. Great.

When I use the console's (%home%\bin\apachedsw.exe) "logging"
configuration tab, the only thing I ever get is the banner whatever
the settings I tried.  My settings are read (changing the prefix is
honoured) but logging levels such as DEBUG and INFO are not taken into

Am I missing something here ?
I've even tried to add -Dlog4j.configuration in the vm configuration
tab to force my own log4j config. To no avail.

I've noticed you guys use NLOG4J.  What am I missing ?
It's really late over here in Europe and it would be great to read you


Alain Pannetier

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