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From Quanah Gibson-Mount <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] New slamd lab
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 17:36:50 GMT

--On Friday, July 28, 2006 10:15 AM -0400 Alex Karasulu 
<> wrote:

> Timothy Bennett wrote:
>> On 7/16/06, *Alex Karasulu* <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     I had a few machines at home that I brushed off and setup a lab with
>>     slamd for stress testing and profiling the server.
>> I recently had the privilege of checking out the SLAMD lab for ApacheDS
>> in person.  I felt like I walked into the engine room on the Enterprise.
>> ;)
>> Alex needs to work on his Scottish brogue to make it an immersion
>> experience.  :D
> Aye I'm giving her all she's got.
> BTW it looks like SUN is unhappy though.  They just contacted me and told
> me to cease and desist from using SUN DS for these tests.  They were not
> happy with the results it seems.

Yeah, when I benchmarked SUN DS for Symas, we got the same response from 
them.  If you closely read their obnoxious license, it clearly states you 
are not allowed to publish benchmarks of their product.  Same with 
e-directory, IIRC.

RedHat has expressed interest in setting up a benchmark lab w/ Symas for 
doing fair comparisons of FDS & OpenLDAP.  Maybe we could all work together 
towards that end.


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ITS/Shared Application Services
Stanford University
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