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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS Maven POM and inherited dependencies
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 17:29:52 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

>Let me see if I get this on a more general level.
>We have multiple projects.
>Each project has dependencies.
>When those projects are built, the dependencies 
>are included with the build.
>So when we combine all these projects we have
>duplicated dependencies on the classpath or at least 
>duplicate dependency jars in the main build...because
>each sub project has overlapping dependencies.
>If my understanding is correct, then we  should be
>able to resolve this by setting the dependency scope
>attribute to "compile" on the subprojects, and 
>list all the dependencies in the main ADS pom, with
>scope set to "runtime".
>- Ole
There is something I don't get. Let me clarify :

if we have a parent project and N sub-project, which all use a common 
dependency (let say commons-collection, or, in our cas, ldap-shared), 
then this dependency is to be declared and use at compile time *and* at 
runtime. So it could be only declared in the parent project, all the 
sub-project will inherit from their common parent.

It's not exactly the same thing with some other kind of dependency like 
junit, which will be usefull *only* when compiling the project.

In our case, I don't think that shared-ldap dependency can be used only 
with a compile scope (unless you just want to test the compilation, 
because without this jar, trust me, the server will simply fail very fast :)

There should be some other problem, I think. Sadly, I'm not very aware 
of all those OSGI stuff, so I can't help a lot, but I don't think that 
maven iytself is the problem. It seems to be much more a problem of 
project structure, IMHO.


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