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From Jörg Henne <>
Subject Re: Questions about the versions in the repository
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 11:16:39 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
> Ok, this is something I have to explain. I had to set those chars in 
> the file using an encoding. Java files use Unicode, but only when 
> compiled. Until then, you need to store files which use an encoding 
> scheme, and explain the compiler which encoding those java files have 
> been created with. ATM, all the java files are using UTF-8 encoding. 
> If you svn up the project and try to compile it on windows, there is a 
> good luck that you are using ISO-8859-1 or CP-152 encoding, which is 
> very different from UTF-8 encoding (especially when trying to use 
> chines or japanese chars :). What you may do is :
> - change the default encoding on your computer (if you build it under 
> CygWin, I think changing LANG variable to en_??:UTF-8 should be enough)
> - fix maven property file to include the |${maven.compiler.encoding} 
> property.| I have no idea how to do that :(
> - fix the test files to use unicode escaped sequences for all the 
> special chars. Painfull :(
I tried various combinations of the LANG variable without success. 
However, I think the most portable solution is to convert everything to 
escapes. Attached you'll find a version of the test I converted (using a 
quick converter hack) to escape sequences. Unfortunately, the 
testLdifParserRFC2849Sample4 test still fails for some attributes. I 
guess the phonetic attribute matches are supposed to do some advanced 
magic I don't quite get ATM.

Joerg Henne

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