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From Nick Rathke <>
Subject Re: Apache DS user list ?
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 14:56:37 GMT
Hi Emmanuel, et al

Here is the link to Liferay where they list ADS.

You have a great project here. I played with RC3 for a few hours last 
night, and it looks like it is well on its way to being a solid piece of 
work. My needs are small as far as ldap goes, and having been a Java 
developer in a previous life, I might take a crack at some things that 
we need like crypt password support  ( I haven't look at the svn source, 
so I don't if anyone is already starting that....).

Also being a research institute we're not afraid of testing things out.  
I might be able to take over a few nodes from one our clusters to do 
some load testing or such, for time to time.

If you have any interest in computer graphics ( most of it also open 
source ) take a look it our site 

Thanks for SSL info.


Emmanuel Zechariah wrote:
> Nick Rathke a écrit :
>> Hi all,
> Hi Nick !
>> Are there plans to add a "user" mailing list ? I have a few questions 
>> that are not development related and was wondering if there was a 
>> better place to post such questions.
> Yes, there is a plan to create such a list, but right now, we don't 
> have that many users, due to the fact that we didn't release a 1.0 yet 
> :) So feel very confortable to post any question to the dev list. The 
> response will be 42 ;)
>> As this seems to be the only place at the moment, here goes.....
>> Is Apache DS 1.0 ready for productions use ? I am looking to replace 
>> openLDAP and to use Apache DS with the Liferay portal server, which 
>> will have Apache DS support shortly according to their web site.
> Well, this is a great - and challenging - news for ADS ! So 1.0 will 
> be production ready, definitively. Of course, we might have some bugs, 
> but the is what we are currently working on with 1.0-RC4 : trying to 
> make it the last Release Candidate before the production ready server. 
> (I didn't even knew that liferay will support ADS, I have to look at 
> their web site :)
> Remember that this is Open Source, and our workforce are volonteers, 
> so we do what we can to deliver the best product we can, but our time 
> is shared with day jobs, life, and a little bit of other activity 
> (like sleeping, having a shower from time to time ...). There is no 
> guarentee that you won't ever have a problem with the server (but, 
> after all, if you look at professionnal and expensive products, you 
> have small prints that say exactly the same thing : you use the 
> product are your own risk blah blah blah, - excpet that it cost you 
> money- :)
>> Is there a document that outlines Apache DS security configuration 
>> for such things as TLS/SSL support, Kerberos ?
> I don't think we support TLS atm, but we will. For SSL, here is the 
> page :
> For Kerberos, Work In Progress I think (but I'm not the Kerberos most 
> aware person )
>> Thanks and sorry for posting this to the Developer list!!
> Don't be ! This is the place to post.
>> Nick Rathke
> Emmanuel

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